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Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada

Living in South Florida, I love that it is so convenient to get down to the Florida Keys for a vacation. You have to deal with a little bit of a traffic jam driving down there, but it beats coming from elsewhere in the country.

One of my favorite places to visit when I’m down there is Islamorada, and the top resort in my mind is the Cheeca Lodge. Continue reading for some fun facts and my review of this great Florida Keys destination.

What’s Great about the Cheeca Lodge

Just like with anywhere down there, one thing you know you’ll be getting is crystal clear, turquoise blue water. It is such a pleasant sight to see every time I’m there, I can never get enough of it. As you’d expect, you’re also surrounded by towering palm trees and beautiful weather with a nice cool breeze.

Here’s what you’ll also find when you get to the cheeca lodge:

  • Over 1,200 feet of beaches sprawling over a majestic ocean shoreline
  • 27 acres of lush, amazing gardens to stroll through
  • Swimming pools for both adults and families
  • 3 on-site first class restaurants
  • 9-hole, par-3 golf course designed by the great Jack Nicklaus
  • Bicycles, kayaks, fishing equipment and more
  • Full-service spa and fitness facilities
  • Swimming and snorkeling in a private saltwater lagoon
  • Oceanfront tiki bar

As you can see, they spare no expense when it comes to the amenities available and everything is first-rate. I never feel like I’m truly on vacation more than when I visit the Cheeca Lodge. I’ve been there both romantically with my partner and also with the family. Every time I have the time of my life.

florida keys cheeca lodge islamorada

The tropical landscaping is meticulously done, every time I get there I feel like I’ve arrived in Heaven. My kids love to run around the beach and the grassy areas, and there’s always a lot of other families there to make friends with. The family pool has all the things you could need for the kids to have a great time. You can lay back in a deck chair and enjoy drink service and soak up some sun while the kids play.

Check-in is always quick and efficient. They give clear direction on how to get to your room on their sprawling resort. It’s very well laid out and easy to navigate, despite its size.

I like that the resort is very private and safe. All of the amenities that are on-site are more than enough to satisfy your every need. There are other restaurants in the area off-site (with shuttle service provided by the hotel) if you want to venture out. We have occasionally but we usually stick to the restaurants at the resort since they are so great.

All in all, the Cheeca Lodge is a little slice of paradise and I’m so happy to live just a road trip away. Even if you live further away, it’s certainly a must-visit if you’re looking to book a stay in the Florida Keys.

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