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Best Places for Single Guys to Travel

The saying goes, “if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.” I believe in this statement wholeheartedly when it comes to traveling. You can see many amazing things all around the world, (or right here in the Florida Keys) and you might as well live the life you’ve always wanted to live and experience everything to the fullest.

As a single man, you have plenty of time to travel the world and see the sights, sounds, and experience the wonder that this world has to offer. It’s also very easy to meet new people and find yourself in some interesting situations that you’ll look back upon fondly later in life.

With that said, take a look at the best cities to travel to as a single guy. The women in the cities are absolutely stunning and they are looking for American men to have a good time with.

Places Single Men Should Travel

Travel Destinations for Guys


Visiting Sardinia isn’t going to be cheap by any means. This place is the destination that many rich Italians like to go to while on holiday. So you may have to fake it to make it in order to hook up with some of these sexy Italian women.

But on a more positive note, authentic Italian women happen to love Americans, so you definitely have that going for you. If you want to land one of these rich Italian hotties you have to bring your most rugged look to the table. These ladies love to party and they want a rugged American man to keep them company.

São Paulo

You obviously know how hot Brazilian women are, so it should be a no-brainer to visit São Paulo unless you’ve been living under a rock. These fiery women are passionate, sexy, and absolutely amazing.

You know what else? They absolutely love American guys. But they aren’t looking for a long-term commitment by any means. They just love looking up with American guys while they are visiting Brazil on holiday.

Remember, Brazilians speak Portuguese so don’t start speaking Spanish and think you’re going to impress them because they find it offensive. Pick up a couple of Portuguese phrases to whisper in their ear and they’ll be like putty in your hands.


French women are incredibly romantic as you probably already know. They have sex appeal, lust, and desire in their blood.

They also love it when a tall, dark, and handsome sexy American stranger comes to town and sweeps them off of their feet. They find this incredibly attractive and it’s a great way for American guys to have the time of their life in the city of lights.


If you’ve never been to Bangkok, you’re seriously missing out because this place is incredible. And the women are unbelievable and they absolutely love rich American men.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pot to piss in. Just speak with confidence and exude sexiness and these women will be falling all over you in no time at all.

Florida Keys

Of course, I had to tout my own backyard here!  With so many keys and so many things to do here, why not? I totally recommend The Cruisin’ Tikis.

Of course, the Fling Report has some other suggestions too, but they may be a little bit more risque!


As you can see, there are plenty of great places for single guys to travel to all around the world. Use these suggestions because you’ll not only have a great time visiting these amazing cities, you’re also bound to hook up with some of the hottest woman on planet earth.

Cruisin’ Tikis Key West Under Review

Are you on the hunt for something unique to do in Key West while touring with your friends or family? While there are many things to do in Key West, a recent addition to one of the most popular tourism activities is the Cruisin’ Tikis Key West tours.

What is Cruisin’ Tikis?

For those of you who are not familiar with the company, they offer unique floating Tiki bar tour that puts you on top of a boat that is essentially a floating bar. You can then take this floating bar/boat on along the harbor with your friends or family while enjoying your favorite drinks.

The Cruisin’Tikis has its boats parked outside a lovely little restaurant which serves as a key point for all your food needs on the tour. You can pick a number of delicious dishes to take with you on the tour too.

(This tour is from their Fort Lauderdale Location)

The best bit about the tour is that you can bring your own booze. This may come as a surprise because many tour companies do not allow booze other than their own selection. Cruisin’Tikis on the other hand lets you bring your favorite booze on board so you can enjoy drinks that you really like. You are also allowed to bring your favorite music and speakers on board to maximize the fun factor.

A typical Cruisin Tikis tour last from one hour two four hours depending on the package you pick. There are three main packages with the option of creating a customized package according to your needs. Here are the three main packages you get when you sign up.

Sunset Cruise – If all you want is relaxation in a serene environment, the sunset cruise is the best choice. You will be taken around the harbor which passes through the sunset pier and Mallory square. The tour will come to an end at Key West sunset in sight.

Bar Stop Cruise – Want to experience some of the best cocktails while on a floating boat in Key West? The Cruisin ‘Tikis bar stop cruise allows you to do that exactly. You will be taken to various bars around Key West islands for two and a half hours with each bar offering you something different. This is an excellent package if you want to go from one island to another while enjoying different cocktails.

Seaport Cruise – This two hour tour consists of a special sightseeing tour where a captain accompanies you. You will be exploring Key West while learning more about its history.

Why should you travel alone?

Many of travel for the sake of traveling some of us travel for the love of traveling.According to the famous author, travelogue writer and a playwright Hans Christian Andersen, he says “To Travel is to live.” Travelling can create some very lasting memories and friendships and can help us understand a culture in a much better manner. Traveling together has its own benefits but traveling alone is a thrill reserved only for the people who are brave enough venture into it. It has its own perks to it which will be explained below

Freedom unbound

You have a complete command over what you want to do, and there is nobody stopping you from doing it, you can go as crazy as you want and also be as moody as you want and nobody will judge you for it and make your holiday miserable by nagging about you being lazy and forcing you into doing something you do not like doing at any given time.

Opportunity to become a friend magnet:

When you are on your own you will be forced to depend on other rather than on your own decisions; thus we will be forced to make many friends and get to become close to them and learn about them and vice versa, in doing this we get to learn about their culture, and they about you’re culture, and thus we would have made a lot of friend by the end of the day .


Confidence booster.

When we are to travel on our own we have to trust a lot of times on our instincts and our guts to take a particular decision and move on with it, thus we start to develop confidence in ourselves and learn to rely on ourselves rather than to rely on others for help, and we will also develop the added benefit of analytics which we get as we analyze a particular situation and take our decisions accordingly   .

Ace various languages.

When you are traveling alone, you get the wonderful opportunity of getting to learn many languages and gain insight into how people in other parts of the world are communicating and get various nuances of accents of a particular language, and various cultural reference which will give a very heightened experience of traveling alone .


It is very cost effective when you are travelling alone, as you wouldn’t have to worry about getting to places, and thinking about the costs as you might have to think about the company of people along with you as might have to pay for everyone.

Chase after you’re projects .

When you are travelling alone pursue your project and wouldn’t have to give a second thought about and take all the time in the world that you want to have for it and wouldn’t have to be answerable to anyone .

The above-given reason is more than convincing why a person traveling alone is much better than travelling together with other people.